Tilt Tray & Crane Hire

Looking for crane hire in Townsville? Bono’s Storage & Towing has you covered thanks to our specialised tilt tray and crane hire services.

Paired with our storage systems, our tilt tray transport services make it incredibly easy to hire a container from us. The process is simple—we offload the container at your property, you fill as much as possible, then we pick it back up and securely place it at our storage yard. This costeffective service makes it easy if you’re renovating, moving or simply needing to store unwanted items from your home or office.

With a team of qualified drivers at the helm, our tilt tray hire services are also useful for vehicle and machinery relocation. If you’re looking to transport your boat, caravan or other heavy, take advantage of our fast retrieval tilt tray services. We operate all throughout the Townsville region.

Our tilt tray and crane hire services are just a phone call away. Get in contact with our team to discuss the affordable rates today.