Container Storage

Container storage at Bono’s Storage is an affordable and convenient way to store unused belongings.

Our containers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be customised to fit your exact needs. Prices are set per month and can be discussed at specific rates.

Looking to relocate or move? Pack up all your home’s possessions in a secure shipping container from Bono’s Storage. We also cater to the home owners who need to shift furniture around during renovation or painting jobs. Even if you simply need more space in your home, we’ve got the container space to suit.

Bono’s Storage offer highly versatile options when it comes to placing and collecting items from your container unit. Thanks to our 24-hour secure access and key system, you can come and go as you please from your container.

Keep your home free of clutter and looking beautiful by renting a container from Bono’s Storage. Contact the team today to discuss the many options available