– Rates depend on the storage length as well as the size of container you’d like to rent. This also applies to vehicles with larger vehicles costing a little more than smaller vehicles on a monthly term.

– Vehicles of all sizes can be parked at Bono’s Storage. From boats and caravans, to cars and motorbikes, whatever vehicle you own we have the space for it.

– When it comes to the security of your stored items, we take all precautions to ensure no damage or theft occurs. We have a full-time caretaker who patrols the premises.

– We place no restrictions on how often you’re able to access your items. You’re given a key to the main gate and you’re welcome to come-and-go from our facility 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Short-term or long-term, the decision is up to you. Whether it’s for a weekend or a whole season, there’s always room for your items. Call us for pricing information.