Vehicle Storage

At Bono’s Storage, we understand the need for more space when it comes to vehicles. Whether your garage no longer has the room or you only bring out the vehicle for certain times of the year, our secure Townsville yard is sure to have the space you need at the best possible price.

Car Storage

If you currently own four wheels more than your home’s garage can handle, Bono’s Storage has the solution.

We’ve got the extra space needed for the family car, a 4WD or a vintage vehicle. Keep your vehicle away from theft or damage by parking it in our yard.

Caravan & Motor Home Storage

Unused vehicles such as motor homes and caravans can be an intrusion in the driveway. With Bono’s Storage, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice that precious driveway space.

Speak to us about the options available to keep your large vehicle safe while not in use. Short and long-term options are available.

Boat Storage

Don’t put up with those expensive prices from marinas and docks in Townsville. Choose the more affordable alternative of Bono’s Storage.

Protect your vessel during the downtime by parking it in one of our secure spaces. The only requirement is for the boat to be on a trailer at all times when in our yard.

If you’re looking to store the boat for a season or just the weekend, both short and long-term options are available. Call the team today to discuss our prices.

Motorbike Storage

Despite being smaller than most vehicles, motorbikes can take up much needed space. Bono’s Storage provides an affordable option for stowing your bike in Townsville.

Our shipping containers will keep your bike safe 24-hours of a day, 7-days a week and away from all weather conditions.

Whether it’s short or long-term storage you’re after, there’s always a space for your vehicle in our yard. You set the time frame and we’ll match it with an affordable price that’s sure to keep you coming back. Clean, secure and tailored to your vehicle’s size, your self-storage space at Bono’s Storage will make it easy to keep your vehicle out of the way.

Call today for more information on pricing.